vorpal_product_icon_blankVorpal, a deadly assassin with a secret past working for a clandestine society of killers known only to a chosen few, carries out the most complex, dangerous jobs for the government elite, helping to tilt the balance of power in favor of her masters. When Vorpal’s past and future begins to emerge to her through a series of visions, her masters decide she must be killed for her incredible secret could mean revolution, all-out war, and toppling the power base of the massive galactic government system. Issue #1 sets the table for this massive, sprawling adventure!

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“Vorpal: Shoot Between Heartbeats” is a Veteran-owned, Veteran created comic created by Jason Tudor with Keith Houin. Jason and Keith met as a result of their military service. They collided at the intersection of science fiction and comic books and have been mostly inseparable (though thousands of miles apart) ever since.

They created “The Science Fiction Show” podcast (along with co-host and co-producer Michael J. Wistock), which has enjoyed more than 70,000 downloads over its three year lifespan. During that time they have interviewed comic writers and artists such as Mike Baron (NEXUS and BADGER), Steve Rude (NEXUS and BADGER), Paul Duffield (FREAKANGELS), Eric Trautmann (VAMPERELLA, et al), and have also spoken with Bruce Boxleitner (TRON, LANTERN CITY), Norman Reedus (WALKING DEAD), Charlie Adlard (WALKING DEAD), Michael Z. Williamson (HERO and FREEHOLD), Josh Finney and Kat Rocha (WORLD WAR KAIJU and TITANIUM RAIN), Patrick McEvoy (WORLD WAR KAIJU, et al) and musician Aaron Kusterer.

The duo also published (along with Wistock) “Battlespace: Volume 1,” an anthology of military science fiction via Amazon. The profits from the book went to charity.

Jason and Keith have been attendees and/or invited guests to Spangdahlem (Germany) Sci Fi Con, F.A.C.T.S. in Belgium and San Diego Comic Con. This is their first attempt at sequential art. They’ll learn as they go. They will make mistakes, but, as Bruce Springsteen once wrote, “But Mama, that’s where the fun is!”