“Vorpal” to publish @ 22 pages

A message from “Vorpal” creators Jason Tudor and Keith Houin:

“Hey folks! We are done pushing pages to the web site and will wrap up the first printed issue with those first 22 pages. It was a decision made in collaboration with our friends at Headshrinker’s Press to go forward and make a printed comic. So, we have started the design process for a cover and to fill the remaining pages. We’re hoping to get that all wrapped up by the end of the month.

“We’re scripted for the first six issues. So, we’ll then figure out how to get the next issue drawn and printed.

“The free pages will remain up until the middle of October. And then they will come down in favor of the print and (we think) a richer digital version. Prices to come.
“We hope you’ll take a few minutes to peek at the digital pages and offer your thoughts on what you have seen.

Thank you! — Jason and Keith”