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Landon and Nichi, Comic Book mavens

Queen City comic book publishers make good

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Sept. 8, 2016) – They are two local boys who have made good in the world of comic books. Comic Book lovers turned comic book creators turned entrepreneurs who’ve made their part-time passion for spinning tales panel to panel in sequential art into a small business on display this weekend at Cincy ComiCon. For Landon Faulkner, from Bethel,… Read more →

Comic Universes are Ever-Expanding at Headshrinkers Press

Something strange blows this way; “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” is made up of four tantalizing tales to tickle your teeth—consisting of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and more. The co-creators of this book and I not only possess a lifetime of love for the comic medium, but also a sick sense of humor that is sure to entertain. “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” is an… Read more →