3fe39477a6a4f4f87492ab8174a83c6c_originalAn ancient evil was appeased for centuries through human sacrifice and rituals. But as mankind grew older and more civilized, its sensibilities disallowed for such savagery. Simply put, modern man stopped believing in the darkness that lurked beneath the Earth. And for centuries that evil seemed to slumber and a time of peace came to mankind. But as that peace gave way to man’s greed and lust for power, the evil below stirred once more.

And now, without the protection of the sacrifices and rituals, the Mboi have returned to claim mankind as their own. They have possessed the governments of the world and enslaved their people by making them believe that the change was needed for survival – but survival of which race?

In ancient times, a savior arose to beat back the darkness and he made and blessed the truce that led to the sacrifices and rituals that kept the Mboi from harming humans. The Suinda was a hero, a warrior for the human race and the only one who had the power to defeat the Mboi. But that was the stuff of legend and those legends faded from memory. But now, in mankind’s darkest hour, a savior will once again emerge. Only this time, his defeat of the Mboi will be nothing short of their annihilation.

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