Submissions are: OPEN

Photo for Writer BlogsWe here at Headshrinkers Press are always looking for new, unique and exciting titles to get out to the world. If you feel like your title would look sweeter with a Headshrinkers Press stamp on it and think that it has that Headshrinkers “feel”, then let us know. We are in the business of publishing comics, so we want to know everything about yours. If you are thinking of submitting to us, then simply follow the guide lines below and give us a shout.

  • Cover Letter: No need to add fluff, just a simple to the point summary of what you are pitching to us. Also we want details about you as well. Introduce yourself, your team and your book.
  • Synopsis: This is where you tell us what your story is about. The whole story. What you have planned for it, where it’s going (is this part of a bigger work, a one off, or a short?) and your vision for it. Please don’t leave us hanging off a cliff; we should not have to contact you for more information on your concept, plot or arc. It should all be clearly told here in the synopsis. We would suggest keeping this at a one page length, as some of us here are mildly ADHD, but if you run over a page it is not the end of the world. Simplicity and to the point works best here as well.
  • Samples: We know what it is like to not want to give away the farm per say, but If we are going to be publishing your book, then we need to see the finished production. We want to see how good your letterer, your penciler, inker and your colorist (colors optional) is. Please send us at least five (5)  finished pages of your book so we can get a feel of not only the story but also how the art interprets it. With these five pages please include a sample of the cover and title logo. Mock ups will work. We want to see where your head is and if it’s right for shrinking.

Send it: You can get it over to us via email to pulpandblotter at or, via USPS, to:

Headshrinkers Press
1271 Brookstone Dr.
Walton KY

We look forward to seeing your work!