Landslide Roots (Printed)


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LANDSLIDE “is one of the many names given to the giant earthen ones– those that slumber as our hills and mountains. Those who roamed Earth long before recorded history and continued to exist in the wake of mankind. The Colossus, if disturbed, possesses the power to bring down entire civilizations. “Pachamama” and “Green John” are two different types of these Earth elementals from different periods in antiquity. “LANDSLIDE roots” tells the tales of these two legendary monsters, their paths of destruction and the legends they left behind.

Landslide Roots is where it all began for the Landslide saga. This 3 part mini series that was published in the pages of Headshrinkers press, has now been collected into it’s own book. Piece together the checkered past of the earth devil phenomena starting with this strange tome.