Short comic for those who cannot speak up


This short comic is based on true events and it is dedicated in to the real life “Dianna the Huntress”, wherever she may be.  Never under estimate a person’s ability to extract vengeance when pushed too far. This is art imitating the darker side of life and how thin the line between victim and victimizer can be. Continue your work Dianna. Be the voice for those who are not heard and the regulator for those who the law cannot.

Written: Nichi Scribbles

Pencils and Inks: tsujigo Ink (Jeffrey Brown)

Colors: Matt James

Hinkle, Odoms included in compilation

I feel extremely privileged to be able to include this story in the “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” Issue 1. Jonny Hinkle and Marcus Odoms are an amazing team and this short story is a true representation of what beautiful madness they are able to produce together.

I originally published this short comic in an online anthology called “PulpandBlotter”. As ‘Pulpandblotter’ grew into its own publishing house “headshrinkers press”, this was the sole piece I kept out of it for re-publishing. With some re-mastering and a little editing this baby is ready once again for the world. Not to say I wont erect old stories from that zine, but this is by far one of my favorites.

Written/pencils&Inks/Letters: Jonny Hinkle

Colors: Marcus Odoms

Lunarcy including in compilation

Lunarcy page one update. Its looking about done! J Primus Dickerson did a beautiful job on the colors Written by the talented Dominic Archer Pencils and inks by clever Lee Melton Letters by Nichi Scribbles. This will be one of four stories featured in the upcoming “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” Read more →