Beautiful, New Titles

As winter gears up to kick us in the teeth, the Headshrinker’s are gearing up to release some beautiful new titles!! We are looking to release two amazing books in December alone; Sons of Yellowstone issue 1, and the 2nd issue of “Headshrinker’s Press presents.” Both of these books are turning out better than I could of ever dreamed and I… Read more →

Comic Universes are Ever-Expanding at Headshrinkers Press

Something strange blows this way; “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” is made up of four tantalizing tales to tickle your teeth—consisting of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and more. The co-creators of this book and I not only possess a lifetime of love for the comic medium, but also a sick sense of humor that is sure to entertain. “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” is an… Read more →

The Landslide: Roots series


Landslide Roots will be a mini-series foreshadowing the Landslide full length issues to come. I am having a lot of fun writing this mini-series, as it lets me explore the ancient history of these earthen behemoths, and maybe eventually tell the tale of their origins. Only a handful of these Nature elementals survived the prehistoric era, and are scattered across the globe. I intend to catalog all of them. The Landslide: Roots series can be found in the headshrinkers press presents series, as well as in it’s own ongoing web-comic here on the Headshrinkers press website. 

Landslide promo W WEB