What is a LANDSLIDE monster?

I guess you could lump these gruesome green giants into the category of Earth Elementals, Earth Golems, Earth devil or any number of terms used to reference this not so jolly green giant. They slumber as our hills or mountains, awakening only to destroy whatever spec of civilization has nudged it, or to find a crunchy snack. They have been around since before recorded history, some still sleeping since the dawn of time. Where did they come from? I guess that is one of the intrigues of this story that I will eventually delve into, but for now I will say that one may obtain one of these monsters if one knows where to find a Golemstone or stoneseed, depending on what part of the world you are in. controlling one is also a possibility and that’s where we pose the question; if you could control your own LANDSLIDE, who would die first?


Maybe it’s my love and deep respect of nature that LANDSLIDE came crumbling out of my head like an avalanche, big, powerful and larger than life. I have always been surrounded by nature and enjoy spending as much time as possible in it’s secret places, hidden from the slow deluge of man. I suspect it was out there that these stories started to form, looking out over a vast landscape of hills and mountains and dreaming of one of those outcroppings rising from its earthly vice, marching off across the countryside.

The LANDSLIDE universe was created with a proper recipe consisting of equal parts magic, a dose of intrigue and then laced with lore. It is here that i allow myself to take legends long forgotten and re-animate them, returning to them their rightful power and people.