We are inside Tennessee Saturday!

Join us Saturday at RobCon in Bristol, Tennessee (also home of one of NASCAR’s best race tracks!) as we do all the voodoo that we do for RobCon 2016. Big sexy Landon Faulkner is on station with all the hot HSP good, including the blazing hot new Grey, Headshrinker’s Press presents, Reclamation, Vorpal and more! Don’t know RobCon? BOOM (as in ‘boom goes the dynamite for the link that follows this colon):


Also, keep those clinched hands on our Facebook page link! We’ll announce all sorts of things including shiny, brand new titles. Landon will give you face┬álove live through the Facebook Live apparatus (he’s already done one!) and we engage you with all sorts of things!

Landon is ready for you. He’s been doing hours of yoga, meditation and eating packs and packs of Twizzler’s (random, right, but he’s a GAME DAY PLAYER) to be get ready for this awesome event! We could not be happier to join fellow small publishers and creators during RobCon.

It’s gonna be a good weekend, so join your pals at HSP!