Headshrinker’s summons ‘Fade’ vampires out of their coffins, into lineup

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Oct. 6, 2015) — Headshrinker’s Press (HSP) welcomed a new title to its family Sept. 27, a vampire story with military roots rising from its coffin and into the HSP family of titles.

Fade chronicles the story of Isaac and Nathan, U.S Army soldiers part of an experiment stolen from Nazis that turns the brothers into vampires. Rather. It follows their journey, eschewing the idea of becoming lab rats and leaping into a newly formed military unit, where a wedge is driven between the two brothers, one sent barreling into madness while the other carries out his duties.

The book is written by Travis Huber. Rowel Roque provides pencils and inks while Ronson Edulan provides the color.

“I have been bouncing ideas back and forth with (Headshrinker’s co-publisher Landon Faulkner) for some time now and we’ve grown accustomed to each other’s writing styles and flows of ideas. So it wasn’t anything irregular for me to shoot Landon a story idea that I had to see what he thought of it,” Huber said. “What I didn’t expect was being asked to publish Fade under the Headshrinkers banner. The team at Headshrinkers are some great dudes to work with and I am looking forward to this project with them. Actually, I couldn’t be more excited. I had read Sons of Yellowstone and I am an avid fan of Headshrinkers Presents. So getting the chance to work with these guys is just really cool.”

Fade is currently in progress. A print and ship date is to be determined.

“Travis has a great idea here and we’re looking forward to its execution. The script is grabbing and readers will love the characters. Really looking forward to getting this one to our readers,” Faulkner said.

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