Headshrinker’s Press digs up gruesomely beautiful ‘Urban Legends’ in latest release

0cover_originalCINCINNATI, Ohio (Oct. 26, 2016) – Fascinating horror awaits in the town of Edgeville in the latest release from independent comic book publisher Headshrinker’s Press (HSP).

‘Urban Legends’ (Jojo King, Maxim Mel, Steve Benton) takes readers on a wild ride through this small town. Russian-born co-creator Mel said the film “Creepshow” was a motivator for this new work.

“That’s how I got started doing comic books. I’ve watched that movie over and over again since I was 12, and one day I got started to do ‘Urban Legends.’” Mel said, adding that there wasn’t much of that sort of material in Russia. “I was looking for some stuff to read which would be about urban legends and stuff like that, and didn’t find much, so then I thought why not make that.”

The 24-page full color book takes readers on a wild ride. In finding its home with HSP, that ride paused at the publisher’s fingertips. Co-publisher Landon Faulkner said he couldn’t have been prouder to bring the book onboard.

“It’s amazing, from start to finish. A great read. We were excited to sign the ‘Urban Legends’ team up the moment we got this book and we think this is going to be a huge hit. It’s right in line with what we want to do as a publisher, which is to bring great, entertaining content to our customers!”

Mel said he and his crew targeted HSP after — drawing the publisher’s name from a hat?

“My collaborators and I thought, ‘Who will be better for us?’ I suggested we roll the dice. So, we wrote publisher names on a piece of paper and mixed them up in the hat. We then out the lot and there was a Headshrinkers Pres. So, that’s why it means so much because faith brought me to them, and I’m not one to argue with that.”

The book takes its place alongside other horror/thrill titles like “Respite,” “POTUS,” and others. Nichi Hawkins, co-publisher at HSP, said ‘Urban Legends’ fits right in.

“This book is fantastic and will become an urban legend for how incredibly well done it is before too long. It’s just great,” Hawkins said. “Urban Legends is one of the most gruesomely beautifully books we published in 2016.”

‘Urban Legends’ is available now in print or digital at http://www.storenvy.com/products/18060146-urban-legends