First few steps

At the start of this Blog, ‘Headshrinker’s Press’ is still in the developmental stages. I plan to have my first book published under it’s flag by late summer/early fall of this year (2014).

The notion to finally take this step into self-publishing came with much resistance and hesitation. But I am very happy with my decision, as I am able to completely control every aspect of the stories going into the publication, as well as the promotion efforts.

Enough about the why, onward to the what. After this post I will be adding pages to the Blog that discuss the series and characters I will be releasing into the world. My first publication will be “Headshrinker’s Press Presents” and will be a collection of previews, preludes and short series of what is to come. As I write this I am still wrapping up a couple of the stories, while others have yet to have illustrations started on them. Others still sit dormant awaiting the press.

Besides working on these series I am completing the logo work for the label itself. I have the banner logo complete which is posted below. Now all I need are the advertising images for the promoting and website art. Then the next step will be launching the official website itself. No turning back now. Much work to be done here, but I am going to blog it all along the way. So follow our progress, this should be an interesting journey to say the least.